For social work


A real environmental awareness is a need to protect the environment.

This implies the need to make conscious choices in this area through concrete eco-sustainable and social actions.
For this reason, part of the energy necessary for the activities carried out in our headquarters, takes place through a photovoltaic system to exploit its origin from renewable sources. This has resulted in benefits, both in terms of energy savings and with regard to the pollution produced.

The scientific and promotional materials are printed on environmentally friendly FSC-certified paper. This guarantees that the final product comes from a forest and a supply chain managed responsibly from an environmental, economic and social point of view, in order to protect and maintain natural communities and forests with a high conservation value.

Another choice of Eye Pharma on the green theme concerns the use of hybrid engines for company cars, through which our employees can carry out their work throughout Italy by reducing emissions and pollution.

Corporate choices that arise from respect for our surroundings


Our commitment to environmental protection issues also makes us strict about the origin of our raw materials, which must be cultivated and harvested according to ethical and sustainable criteria, so as to obtain a pure plant extract with the best characteristics and properties, through the selection of standardized and certified plant extracts.

Eye Pharma supports the application of technologically innovative methods for the certification of the vegetable raw material used in the preparation of the extracts used to defend the quality and consistency of the composition of the final product. The required controls also include exhaustive analysis of potential contaminants, typical of products of plant origin: quality and safety are also certified with the final receipt of the ingredient used.

A commitment that is found in quality and safety