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99th Congress of the SOI – Roma, 20 – 23 November 2019

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SOI carries out activities as well as interventions in the scientific, professional and health policy fields, aiming at the implementation of the primary right of access to care, the improvement of the quality of the ophthalmological services provided to patients as well as the protection of the professionalism of the ophthalmologist, in compliance with the principles of ethical deontology.
SOI activates interdisciplinary skills to carry out great projects at the service of citizens.
SOI is the Founder Member of the “Insieme per la Vista” (Together for Sight) Foundation.
SOI supports ophthalmological research through the promotion of scholarships, the publishing of studies and results, of monothematic reports, projects of analysis as well as screening of results.
SOI protects the ophthalmological profession.
SOI promotes and sponsors vocational training events and scientific in-depth analysis in the ophthalmological field.
SOI aims at achieving the quality of ophthalmological services.
SOI promotes campaigns to increase awareness and information on the prevention of health of sight as well as on ocular pathologies.
SOI encourages cultural interaction and scientific cooperation with the main international organizations in this field.
Institutions and opinion makers regard SOI as a point of reference with respect to any claim in the field of ophthalmology.

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