Asthenopia or eye strain

Eye strain symptoms and relief

Asthenopia or eye strain is a condition of ocular fatigue due to a prolonged use of electronic devices with blue light (computer, smartphone and tablet), but also to adverse environmental conditions or refractive defects (myopia, hyperopia etc.) that cause excessive fatigue of the ocular muscles and the retina.

Usually during the use of electronic devices, concentration is high and leads to decreased blinking, decreased tearing and increased irritation, redness and pain. This is known as digital eye strain.

Usually eye strain is a temporary condition, and a little rest is enough to already notice an improvement. However, a prolonged condition of stress could lead to chronic soreness that may lead to the inability to concentrate properly and to perform normal daily activities.

Eye strain relief

  • wear glasses with a degree of correction that takes into account the working distance;
  • take regular breaks when working at the computer;
  • improve lighting in the room when using electronic devices, to avoid reflections on the screen;
  • correct your posture as it is known to have an effect on eye strain;
  • if necessary, use eye strain drops to lubricate the ocular surface continually;

Be sure to ask your ophthalmologist for advice.