Inflammation is one of the primary mechanisms that nature has developed to keep our body healthy and protect against the countless attacks to which the body is subjected every day while keeping overall immune homeostasis.

When the inflammatory response is not properly regulated, the concentration of inflammatory cytokines increases and remains high, leading to a physiological state known as chronic inflammation.

Today, we are aware of the new threat to our health and well-being: many pathologies are fueled by a chronic inflammation that acts on the body as a silent enemy.

This enemy is defined as silent because it can last for years, if not decades, continuously challenging our body’s health.

The lack of perception of this hidden dysfunction of the organism that continues to grow represents the main threat. Acting systemically, the chronic inflammation activates an inflammatory process that affects the whole immune system.

Chronic inflammation can be associated with metabolic or hereditary conditions, environmental factors, and with an unhealthy lifestyle including unhealthy eating habits. Those factors can lead to the imbalance that underlies chronic inflammation.

Fighting back this silent threat by counteracting chronic inflammation becomes essential.

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