Improving the quality of life. But not at any cost.

Our goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives, but not at the expense of the environment in which we live.

This commitment is manifested at every level of our business, through conscientious choices and concrete actions that are ecologically sustainable and respectful of our surrounding environment. Sustainability at 360° is an ambitious goal, but our progress towards it is consistent and constantly improving.

In order to take advantage of renewable sources, part of the energy needed for the activities carried out in our headquarters is obtained through a photovoltaic system. This has positive results both in terms of  energy savings and reducing pollution.

Scientific and promotional materials are printed on environmentally-friendly FSC certified paper. This guarantees that our products come from forests and supply chains managed in environmentally, economically and socially responsible ways.

We have also chosen to use company cars with hybrid engines so that our collaborators can minimise emissions and pollution whilst carrying out their work throughout Italy.

Our primary materials come first.

Our commitment to environmental protection is evident in our choice of primary materials. We have strict standards in selecting only those certifiably grown and harvested according to ethical and sustainable criteria.

We support technologically innovative methods to certify the primary plant material used in the preparation of our extracts, to better preserve the quality and consistency of the final product. This enables us to obtain pure plant extracts with standardized properties and characteristics, thereby ensuring maximum effectiveness. The required assessments also include in-depth analyses on potential contaminants typical of products of plant origin, further guaranteeing the absolute purity of the ingredients.

Eyepharma Academy: everything you’ve been searching for and more.

Eyepharma Academy is a portal where you can find all the latest studies and insights in the field, developed in collaboration with ophthalmologists both in Italy and abroad. Content is organized and divided by topic. All contents are supported  by documentation and can be freely accessed. The portal is a valuable tool for specialists looking to discover new scientific content; the latest studies and research into specific topics; innovative therapeutic pathways and products and the latest news within the field.
Eyepharma Academy will enable you to remain constantly up-to-date, review your work against that of other colleagues around the world, and discover new insights. Simply contact your local representative to register and gain access to the portal.

We are committed to improving your vision, as well as your vision of Italy.

Eyepharma supports FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environmental Fund) through the Corporate Golden Donor membership program.
Alongside FAI, we aim to implement a major conservation project that is also an ambitious cultural challenge: to make Italy a more beautiful place in which to live, work and raise our children. The landscape and cultural heritage that FAI safeguards and promotes are unique and represent a fundamental resource in which to invest so that we can revive, develop and protect our wonderful country.

Thanks to the support of its many members, including private citizens and companies, FAI has been protecting and managing 57 locations throughout Italy for over 40 years. Italy holds from 60% to 75% of all the artistic assets existing on the continent: important historical, artistic and natural settings have been saved from neglect and consequently restored, protected and opened to the public.

Every day, FAI works tirelessly to protect and preserve the spectacular artistic, natural and cultural treasures scattered throughout our countryside and cities, and along our coasts; to encourage awareness within the community about respecting and looking after art and nature and as a spokesperson for society through monitoring and intervening actively throughout the territory.

Supporting sports. Because we aim constantly to reach new milestones.

We support young people and sports because we believe that the first step to a healthy life starts with regular physical activity and good eating habits. A fit body is, first and foremost, a healthy body. All too often, sedentary habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices are the root cause of significant and difficult-to-treat clinical pathologies that could be prevented by making small lifestyle changes on a daily basis.

For this reason we support and assist the young riders of Area Zero Pro Team. The Elite Under-23 activity is a new experience rich with positive results, tough sacrifices and ongoing challenges.

Constant commitment is one of our shared fundamental goals: the athletes on the track; we in the research and development of new formulas for health and well-being.