Improving the quality of life. But not at any cost.

Our goal is to improve the quality of people’s lives, but not at the expense of the environment in which we live.

Integrity, honesty and fairness are the principles of conduct in the various fields in which we operate.

This commitment is manifested at every level of our business – from the stages of Research and Development, and dialogue with the scientific community, to production – through conscious choices and concrete gestures that are ecologically sustainable and respectful of our surroundings.

It is important to us that business activities be conducted in a way that protects both Eyepharma’s image, as well as the work of our employees. For this reason we have adopted an organization, management and control model in compliance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree of June 8th 2001, n. 231.

Eye Pharma undertakes to implement these practices through the establishment of a supervisory body, which will be assigned all handling and monitoring tasks in respect of the Code of Ethics. To this end, the following dedicated email address is in use:

Our professional philosophy is manifested through our interactions with all our stakeholders, and through our commitments to health and safety, and to meeting the needs and expectations of patients, the scientific community, and more generally, the community as a whole. These principles guide our behavior wherever we operate, both in Italy and abroad.

Our values and ethical principles make up the foundation for a series of projects and initiatives dedicated to awareness and prevention, that consist in concrete actions. 

Our primary materials come first.

We rely on technologically innovative methods to certify the primary plant material used in the preparation of our extracts, to better preserve the quality and consistency of the final product. This enables us to obtain pure plant extracts with standardized properties and characteristics, thereby ensuring maximum effectiveness. The required assessments also include in-depth analyses on potential contaminants typical of products of plant origin, further guaranteeing the absolute purity of the ingredients.