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DRAIN drops® is an iTRAB® based ophthalmic solution (high-concentration polyphenols ≥2.5% in sodium hyaluronate 0.25%), in a formulation capable of fighting the oxidative damage and secondary effects of topical pharmacological treatments.




Administer 1 or 2 drops in each eye once a day or according to medical advice.


Multi-dose 10 ml resealable bottle.

LIMITS OXIDATIVE DAMAGE and the secondary effects of pharmacological treatment


The trabecular meshwork is a special eye tissue which controls the production and discharge of a liquid (aqueous humor) which is essential for protecting the function and structure of the eye. Structural changes in this tissue are linked to the development and progression of the various forms of glaucoma.

Aqueous humor is a liquid which is continually produced and reabsorbed, but it accumulates when the discharge process is obstructed, causing an increase in pressure inside the eye (intraocular pressure) .

An increase in pressure in such a small organ as the eye crushes the connected structures, particularly the optic nerve , i.e. the group of nerve fibres in the central zone of the retina which carry the visual signal to the brain to allow it to process it.

Damage to the optic nerve leads to deterioration of sight and there is a progressive restriction of the visual field (from the periphery towards the centre) .

Oxidative damage is an important step in the development of glaucoma, as it contributes to degeneration of the trabecular meshwork and thus causes an increase in intraocular pressure and damage to the optic nerve.

Limiting oxidative damage therefore contributes to managing intraocular pressure, fighting degeneration of the optic nerve and limiting damage to the visual field.

DRAIN drops® has been proven directly to limit oxidative damage, by restoring the physiological equilibrium of the trabecular meshwork.

iTRAB® (high-concentration polyphenols ≥2.5% in sodium hyaluronate 0.25%) is a formulation capable of fighting the oxidative damage and secondary effects of topical pharmacological treatments.

Hyaluronic acid has various properties, including being a good lubricant and humectant. These characteristics are vitally important in keeping the surface of the eye hydrated.

Polyphenols are natural substances present in large quantities in plants and in fruit. They have a mainly antioxidant action, but also an anti inflammatory and antiallergenic effect, depending on the phyto-molecules present. They are the product of the secondary metabolism of plants and perform a protective function in the plant world (protection against UV rays and parasites, attraction of insects, aroma and colouring). In humans, they have a preventive action against various diseases and against cell ageing in general. That is why they are often used in the form of concentrated extracts in active substances in numerous healthcare products.

DRAIN drops® is an ophthalmic solution to be used as a adjuvant treatment in hypotonic treatment of glaucoma . Limits oxidative damage and the secondary effects of pharmacological treatment (conjunctival hyperaemia, itching, dry eye, erythema, pain).

Due to its specific qualitative-quantitative composition, DRAIN drops® is also indicated in cases of:
– Redness or conjunctival hyperaemia
– Burning sensation or itching of various origin (excessive exposure to sunlight, particular atmospheric conditions, visual stress)
– Feeling of discomfort in the eyes due to use of chronic pharmacological treatments

DRAIN drops® contains no preservatives and is also indicated for frequent and prolonged use.

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