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Environment & lifestyle: how they’re connected and affect our health

It is now known that environmental factors and eating habits have a strong impact on the ability to develop and maintain a healthy body.

Both a healthy lifestyle that includes outdoor activities and exposure to natural light, and a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, are critical to support the body health.

All of these things, as well as keeping an active lifestyle are key to support a healthy body.

When these healthy habits are missing, the human body is rapidly exposed to oxidative processes.

For example, in children, lack of outdoor activity and of natural light compromises the release of DOPAMINE. As shown in numerous studies, DOPAMINE is the central regulator of the eyeball’s axial growth.

The synthesis and release of dopamine slows down the progression of near-sightedness (myopia) by signaling the axial growth.

For this reason natural light and outdoor activities help maintain the body and sight healthy.

Poor nutrition in childhood also reduces the supply of essential nutrients for a healthy body development. Poor nutrition in adulthood contributes to the onset of symptoms and conditions harmful to the body.

Daily intake of the right nutrients helps balance the immune system.

When the daily diet lacks some of the nutrients essential for a healthy and proper growth of the organism, a dietary supplement capable to nourish and replenish becomes an important aid for a healthy lifestyle.

Such aid can benefit the whole body including the sight.

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