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“Hidden” nature superpowers

When our body lacks essential nutrients, we know it is necessary to integrate our diet with dietary supplements that target our specific needs.

Many people are unaware of a natural algae that contains all the nutrients necessary forthe human body.

Algae represents the first forms of life and the basis of the planet’s food chain. The exclusive Klamath microalgae grows on the bed of Lake Klamath, a pristine volcanic lake in Oregon.

Lake Klamath has volcanic origins hence, its enriched with bioavailable minerals. Algae grown in Lake Klamath are exposed to the sunlight 300 days per year.  Every year, for 300 days they use the sunlight to synthetize foods, while during the harsh winter months, they produce essential Omega-3 fatty acid.

With its 65 nutraceutical molecules and essential micronutrients, Klamath algae is considered a natural super food. It  provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids, phycocyanins, phenylethylamine, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are vitalfor health and proper nutrition of the body.

Phycocyanins enhance the immune system and prevent cytotoxicity and neurodegeneration associated with oxidative stress.

Phenylethylamine modulates the dopaminergic system in the brain. Dopamine regulates the axial eye growth.

Phenylethylamine is naturally present in many foods, such as chocolate, cheese, beans, peas and wine.

In addition, Klamath algae is made up of a glycoprotein similar to human glycogen, and for this reason, the body assimilates it as an immediate source of energy.

Eye Pharma has analyzed Klamath algae and developed a unique, concentrated and enhanced formula: MixAFA®. MixAFA is designed to contain a greater concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrientsto meet specific nutritional needs.

Our formula contains all nutrients necessary to improve focus, enhance the functionality of the nervous system and boost the immune system. As a result, MixAFA helps achieve greater concentration and improve focus in school, sports activity and overall stamina. It may also help limit the eye axial growth.

Through study and research, Eye Pharma developed an innovative dietary supplement rich in essential nutrients to support the whole body.

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