Founded in Italy. Growing throughout the world.

About us

Eyepharma is an Italian company founded in 2006, specializing in the development of products for eye health and personal well-being. From the outset, we have invested significant time and resources in scientific research, with the aim of creating innovative, safe products with proven efficacy. Over time, we have expanded our product line, adding a portfolio of products ranging from medical devices to supplements, all developed and manufactured in collaboration with the best national and international research centers.

Over the past few years we have received certificates for several innovations in our field and filed five international patents.

We currently employ over 40 people and also have a team of medical-scientific representatives. In addition to Italy and various European countries, we also operate in the United States, with an office in Miami (FL) managing the distribution of our products both in North and South America.

Looking to the future

“Constantly innovating
to improve people’s health
and well-being.”

Our philosophy mirrors our commitment: we strive to always look ahead and maintain an avant-garde vision that enables us to respond with maximum effectiveness to patients’ needs.

This goal is sought with tenacity, honesty and transparency, in line with our ethical principles. Innovation is in our DNA; it is a constant: it forms part of our rigorous research and scientific experimentation; it continues throughout every phase of the development and production of medical devices, diagnostics, and supplements, to ensure the achievement of excellent results.

We believe that a product intended for healthcare must be continually refined and developed; must satisfy specific needs ever more comprehensively, in order to expand existing therapeutic horizons and make a real difference in raising the quality of people’s lives.