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Hyaluronic acid the most precious health “ally”

When the hyaluronic acid naturally present in the body decreases due to physiological changes during aging, it’s necessary to restore its normal levels to keep tissues hydrated and structured.

Eye Pharma’s pure hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight is an ideal product. In fact, this type of hyaluronic acid, once ingested orally is the only formulation capable of being absorbed and distributed to the tissues throughout the body.

This hyaluronic acid supplement acts deeply within the body, to support collagen fibers in the tissues while helping the body stay hydrated by retaining water molecules in tissue fibers.

This precious ingredient is a key element to maintaining healthy and hydrated skin. It also protects the cartilage from wear and tear supporting and hydrating the structure of the eye vitreous body.

Acting on a systemic level, hyaluronic acid taken orally can reach the eye tissues becoming an important aid in the treatment of floaters.

Floaters are similar to shadows casted on the retina. As a result, spots develop in the field of view.  The majority of the vitreous body is composed of hyaluronic acid. Thus, lack of hyaluronic acid in the vitreous body leads to the appearance of floaters.

Unlike the hyaluronic acid derived from animal sources, IALUTEC, the high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid developed by Eye Pharma, is produced through biotechnological processes that guarantee its purity and tolerability.

A daily supplementation with the right hyaluronic acid product, helps counteract the degenerative changes associated with aging and contribute to the restoration of optimal hyaluronic acid levels.

This goal is achieved by direct supplementation with a pure product that acts on a systemic level to reach the tissue in a deeper fashion.

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