Curcumin is the active ingredient extracted from the plant Curcuma longa.

The powdered root is used for over 2000 years as a spice in the eastern populations and contains about 2% of curcumin. Daily use, as is traditional in these populations, has been shown to reduce the incidence of diseases on inflammatory basis prompting researchers to study its healing and protective properties.

Curcumin: from natural medication spice.

More than 7000 studies have confirmed the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and neuroprotective action of curcumin.

For these its therapeutic effects on consumption of curcumin has also spread in the West, where bad lifestyles, sedentary lifestyle, pollution and stress are among the main culprits behind inflammatory diseases.

Why take supplements?

The only limitation associated with curcumin is its high instability (low bioavailability). Once ingested, in fact, curcumin is rapidly degraded in the stomach and therefore may require large quantities to enable a small part of being absorbed in the intestine and obtaining the therapeutic effect.

How to choose the right one?

The phytosome (Phytosome ®) is the most effective method and designed to increase the absorption of curcumin; is made up of molecules of plant origin (non-GM lecithin) surrounding the curcumin and as a shield, preserve it from degradation.

This is protected from gastric destruction and is totally absorbed in the intestine. Curcumin thus prepared has been scientifically proven to have absorption of about 30 times greater than the non-complexed curcumin. This innovative and patented formula allows to fully exploit the therapeutic properties of curcumin reducing the daily dosage. The phytosome is the only one that has been proven effective in numerous clinical trials in various pathological conditions caused or incurred by inflammation.


Curcumin is a good way to fight inflammation, believed to be among the main underlying causes of various diseases including diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis and cancer. Curcumin has a dual action: on the one hand counteracts the causes that trigger the inflammatory process and the other switches off the signals that contribute to feed it. These features allow the use of curcumin in all inflammatory conditions without incurring the side effects Typical of the classic anti-inflammatory drugs.

Digestive Disorders

Because of its strong anti-inflammatory activity, curcumin is the ideal remedy for the treatment of digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gastric reflux and hepatic dysfunction, for which there is no drug therapy termination. In fact, curcumin has been shown to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic intestinal disorders, helping to control the symptoms of inflammation, the maintaining submissive phase or relapse prevention.

Joint Disorders

Osteoarthritis, also known as osteoarthritis, is an alteration chronic degenerative articular cartilage and is a disease that affects, as we age, good of the people. The osteoarthritis management is a real challenge for the lack of decisive treatments. Curcumin, in over 50 studies, has been shown to reduce symptoms by alleviating pain and improving joint function in these patients.

Menstrual and Menopausal Disorders

One of the most common reasons why women take curcumin has the undeniable effect it has in the reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and the symptoms associated with menopause. Curcumin, in fact, has been shown to act in a meaningful way in situations of menstrual disorders (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menorrhagia) and reduce the pronounced emotional states, the states of depression and despair present in these moments. Also, it can help to reduce hot flashes and other unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause.



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