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Aqueous humour collection device

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Eye Pharma Innovation challenge

The context

Studies of glaucoma may involve the collection of aqueous humour (AH) from the eyes of patients, which involves the aspiration of a small volume of fluid from the anterior region of the eye through a fine aspiration needle.

Unfortunately, there are no commercial available medical devices specifically designed for AH sampling, which poses a challenge for the widespread dissemination and use of this pathology.

The objective

The initiative has the scope to identify possible partners with whom Eye Pharma could promote the design and commercialization of an optimized device for the collection of 50 µL of aqueous humour, by capillary sampling.

The aim is to select innovative players and start a collaboration agreement to integrate this innovative system into diagnostic technologies that could minimize the risk of infection and simplify the procedure for early diagnosis of the disease.

The participants



Research centers


The initiative targets companies and startups, research centers, inventors with strong expertise on anterior chamber cannulae for aqueous humour sampling, syringes and medical devices for diagnostics.

The reason why


Develop and test your innovative solution with Eye Pharma and create a best practice in the field of ophthalmology


Get the opportunity to become a commercial supplier of Eye Pharma for the design and development of a new solution


Possibility to present the joint project at international conferences


Participation is free and allows you to get to know Eye Pharma and to discuss in a second stage the terms of the collaboration

Timeline and stage of the process

Proposal submission

3 months (November-January)

The call for applications is now open. You will have three months to submit your idea!

External evaluation

1 month (February)

By the end of February, we will evaluate the proposals with an audience of Key Opinion Leader of Glaucoma.

Final selection

1 week (March)

We will select the potential winner of the call!

NDA and contract discussion

3 weeks (March)

Winner and collaboration activation

1 week (March)

We will activate the collaboration and start the project together!

Project presentation

End of April

We will present the project to an international event!


Submitter data

This section collects the generic data of the contact person who will fill out the questionnaire, for the purpose of sending the results in compliance with privacy regulations.

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