Open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is a progressive disease that causes damage to the optic nerve with a slow progression.

This form of glaucoma is the most common and is very dangerous because the patient is asymptomatic and can reach the most advanced stages of the disease without being aware of the progression. 

Unfortunately, when the first symptoms occur, the disease is already at an advanced stage and the damage to vision is irreversible.

Possible Solution:

Finding a diagnostic method that can evaluate early signs of alteration in subjects with no visual impairment would offer a considerable advantage in the treatment of the disease.

Physician needs:

The need to create an early diagnostic device to activate therapy before irreversible damage occurs. 

Eye Pharma’s answer:

At Eye Pharma we are collaborating with major research centers to develop a new in vitro diagnostic approach that allows for early diagnosis through the detection of a specific protein’s presence/absence, found in the aqueous humor of the eye, that is predictive of the disease. 


A method based on quantification of the level of a protein used as a biomarker.