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Innovation labs, the R&D division of Eye Pharma, is here

Scientific research has always been the starting point for all our projects and the backbone of our corporate philosophy.

With Innovation Labs, Eye Pharma aims to facilitate the identification of new trends and the development of cutting-edge scientific and technological solutions, as well as enhance its own innovative solutions.

Innovation Labs is intended as a meeting point between research and business that aims to promote the optimization of technical-scientific knowledge, in order to create sustainable value for the benefit of society and bring about the growth of new skills.

With this project, Eye Pharma means to ensure the continuous improvement of its products and services, and create an ecosystem of innovation for technological and scientific transfer founded on the sharing of knowledge.

The Innovation Labs model will make it possible to collect new ideas, projects and visions, and to develop them quickly and straightforwardly using predefined operating methods and procedures; thereby making them available to everyone and acting as an innovation developer.

Innovation Labs will launch initiatives and projects in specific thematic areas, including Life Sciences and Health Care, and in particular in biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

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