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Iphytoone® The new Phytosome®

iPhytoone® is the new patented formulation of Eye Pharma. iPhytoone® is a rapidly disintegrating turmeric phytosome formulation that allows faster absorption of turmeric after oral intake within the first minutes after administration. The phytosome-complexed curcuminoids utilized in this formulation have been developed in collaboration with Indena, a leader in manufacturing plant-based active components with over 90 years of experience in pharmaceutical research.

iPhytoone® contains an innovative blend of curcuminoids complexed within phytosomes and formulated with a minimum of 2% phosphaditylserine, for increased curcuminoid bioavailability and selectivity to the brain tissue, including the retina (Turserin®).

GMO-free, iPhytoone® contains the most studied turmeric extract, with over 40 clinical studies involving over 2300 individuals demonstrating its efficacy.
An additional support throughout our life that can help us regulate the natural inflammatory response, so that it does not turn into chronic inflammation.

iPhytoone® is the primary active ingredient of NORFLO®  and NORMAC PLUS®.

Turserin® is an Indena SpA  brand
Phytosome® is an Indena SpA  brand
iPhytoone® is an Eye Pharma brand
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