For the last two years now, the medical team at Athletic Bilbao has included CurcuFit® (a supplement containing Meriva®) in the diet of 1st team players.

Doctors who look after the athletes are excited about the product: according to their findings, Meriva® plays a key role in helping footballers retain their peak physical and mental condition even when subjected to considerable stress.

The medics point out that their interest in Meriva® has mainly arisen from the dossier of scientific publications documenting its activity, efficacy and tolerability and differentiating it from other products on the market.

It was in fact this extensive scientific literature in support of Meriva® which enabled the Brazilian company Aché to register the extract, brand-named Motore®, as a drug for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

The product is rapidly conquering the local market, seeing a month-on-month growth in consensus with the medical community and patients alike: there is constant positive feedback from local teams recording the effects of Meriva®, and it is widely noted that the product’s high chondroprotection action, combined with its effectiveness in limiting the use of NSAIDs, are a boon for osteoarthritis sufferers.


Le informazioni, immagini, descrizioni e quanto altro riportato nel sito relativi a dispositivi medici non sono di natura pubblicitaria ma materiale informativo rivolto esclusivamente a Professionisti dell’area sanitaria. Pertanto proseguendo nella navigazione l’utente dichiara di essere un Professionista dell’area sanitaria. Riferimento:Ministero della Salute – “Nuove linee guida della pubblicità sanitaria concernente i dispositivi medici, dispositivi medico-diagnostici in vitro e presidi medico-chirurgici” del 28 Marzo 2013; Aggiornamento delle “Linee guida in merito all’utilizzo di nuovi mezzi di diffusione della pubblicità sanitaria” del 17 Febbraio 2010

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