The quality, safety and efficacy of a supplement are not concepts which may be superimposed:

  • QUALITY is determined by the characteristics of the raw material, the supply chain, the technologies and processes used for the processing of the ingredients, the controls on the raw material (botanical ingredients) and on the finished product;
  • SAFETY is primarily linked to the verification of the absence of potential contaminants typical of products of plant origin (eg pesticides, mycotoxins, toxic metals etc.), an aspect that pertains to quality, but also to the specific conditions of the organism that assumes the supplement, the dosage and the methods of intake and the possible interactions with other active ingredients, be they natural or synthetic. Therefore, it is essential to carry out preclinical toxicological studies to guarantee the use of the botanical ingredient. However, a quality supplement can have different safety profiles in different subjects and for this reason it is advisable that the intake of botanical supplements is preferably recommended and guided by the doctor or pharmacist;
  • EFFICACY, is understood to