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Natural innovation



REGENERA® is a therapeutic contact lens for injured tissues, with a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.


Indicated for the treatment of ocular surface healing (as keratitis, corneal hypoxia syndrome) and as an ocular bandage in the post-surgical therapy.


Night and day up to 7 consecutive days.


Box with 1 lens.

The NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE answer to ocular lesions


REGENERA® therapeutic lenses are made of an ionic material (Filcon II 3 and 75% of water, Dk=43) that makes them totally compatible with eye drops usually used in therapy (antibiotics, NSAIDs etc.) and allows a full re-epithelialization in about 4/5 days.
This characteristic of REGENERA® lenses is very important because it reduces the incidence of infective keratitis after surgical procedure respect patients treated with common lenses.

Aloe vera is a plant with a lot of beneficial properties: regenerative and healing, anti-inflammatory, which promotes water retention in the tissues, relieves pain, reduces bleeding in lesions and inhibits the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

For these reasons REGENERA® is particularly indicated for the treatment of ocular surface healing (as keratitis, corneal hypoxia syndrome) and an ocular bandage as in the post-surgical therapy.

Thanks to its conformation, the therapeutic contact lens allows a better absorption of the drug that is directly in contact with the eye for a long period.

They maintain the tear film contained between the lens and the epithelium. In this way, the cornea is much more protected during the time necessary to healing and maintain a continuous hydration.

The pain decreases especially in cases of corneal abrasions.

These are contact lenses for medical use, neutral, with reverse geometry, suitable for an ocular bandage. The particular geometry and the diameter of 16.5 mm allow a stable and centered positioning. These promote the reparative phenomena subsequent to trauma, ulcers, and corneal abrasions.

The therapeutic lenses REGENERA® Aloe combine the advantages of a therapeutic lens with the refreshing and trophic action of Aloe.

The unique composition of lenses improves repair and regeneration of the ocular surface following pathological, surgical and traumatic lesions.

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