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The technology of the Phytosome as a potentiator

As proven by over 7,000 studies published in peer-reviewed journals, curcumin holds beneficial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

However, one of its limitations has always been its poor absorption after oral intake. To date, in fact, high dosages are needed to obtain a therapeutic benefits.

Thanks to Eye Pharma’s research, patented components and the phytosome technology, a new and exclusive formulation of curcuminoids has been created: iphytoone®.

Iphytoone® contains a mixture of curcuminoids complexed in phytosomes with high bioavailability and a minimum of 2% phosphatidyl serine.

Phosphatidyl serine is the major phospholipid component of the brain and plays a fundamental role in the physiological function of the cell membranes.

The cell membranes of the human brain are indeed rich in phosphatidyl serine.

In fact, it represents much more than a simple enhancer of curcumin absorption: phosphatidyl serine is quickly absorbed after oral administration, for a targeted, safe and effective action.

Phosphatiidyl serine has been clinically shown to exert modest beneficial effects on the brain cognitive functions (memory, learning, vocabulary and concentration) and for this, it has received the FDA Qualified Health Claim (QHC) for “cognitive dysfunction and dementia”.

The innovation of the iphytoone® phytosome is therefore based on the value of adding the phosphatidyl serine, which enhances and increases the benefits of curcumin.

This technology leads to new scientific perspectives to overcome treatment challenges with innovative weapons. lSystemic integration with supplements that support and modulate the body’s immune response may represent an innovative long-term treatment of chronic diseases.

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