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Vitamin C and red orange Complex®: formula and benefits

RED ORANGE COMPLEX® is a standardized powdered extract obtained from the juice of three pigmented varieties of blood oranges.

Several clinical trials proved that RED ORANGE COMPLEX® supplementation is able to:

– decrease oxidative stress in subjects with impaired antioxidant defenses;

– prevent skin damage induced by excessive sun exposure (cutaneous erythema and photoaging).

The activity of RED ORANGE COMPLEX® has been reported in several peer-reviewed paper through in vitro and clinical studies (athletes, people with diabetes, smokers, subject exposed to air-pollution).


ROC supplementation (100 mg / day for two months) was able to increase plasma concentration of biomarkers related to the presence of antioxidant endogenous substances (glutathione and its derivatives), such as thiol groups-SH levels in sportsmen (a). Moreover, it was able to reduce oxidative stress biomarker values to physiological ranges, as shown in d-ROMS (reactive oxygen metabolites) test results (b).

Eye Pharma has included RED ORANGE COMPLEX® in the formulation of IALUTEC® REDIALUTEC® Cream 3H+ and NORMAC® PLUS. The beneficial effects of RED ORANGE COMPLEX® enhance the efficacy of IALUTEC® RED, a dietary supplement crafted to improve skin’s texture and appearance. IALUTEC® RED acts from the inside out as an anti-aging, antioxidant and vitamin supplement. IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+ is an innovative anti-wrinkle cream specifically designed for the eye area. NORMAC® PLUS is a more complete formulation than the AREDS 2 formula. Such blend is an exclusive Eye Pharma formulation and it was created with the intent to counteract the negative effects of oxidative stress, and to prevent inflammation from becoming chronic.



* Bonina F, et al., Oxidative stress in professional handball players: effect of the supplementation with a standardized red orange extract. Nutr Res 25: 917-924 (2005)

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